Thursday, October 19, 2006

So: Test post, image uploading post...

Got a pretty good blog going already, don't you think? Let's not muck it up with any actual content.

Eventually, when I get a few things off the ground, this blog will be integrated into my upcoming website, to promote, showcase and maybe even sell my writing. I intend to use the blog as a news page, listing updates.

I also want to occasionally ramble about random stuff that interests me, (got to get me some blogger cred, after all,) but I can't swear I'll ever get around to writing stuff up. If I do, expect to see posts on why I am convinced Kara Thrace is a frakking Cylon (or at least that half of her is), why Summer Glau should be cast in every good TV show, and of course what I think of the Marvel Civil War delays and clones.

Plenty to talk about. Let's.


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