Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Telltale Productions Production-Blog Production.

One of the original purposes of this blog was to give updates on my various projects, but those projects are vast, and like wine, take time to... Well, "glacial" pretty much covers it in one word.

Even on the translation side, I've been working on the same two novels for a couple of months now, so there's little to tell. The fact that I've gotten to subtitle a bunch of episodes for Battlestar Galactica--probably the finest show currently on TV--is mighty cool, but is it really worth a post?

But now, one of the glaciers has slipped down the mountain. Hyper Action!--my superhero comic--is on the move. Artist Rodrigo Ramos Rodolfo has completed the five pages of art necessary to shop around for a publisher, and now they have gone of to letterer extraordinaire Brant Fowler.

Before you know it, we'll be in a comic shop near you. Here, have a promo:


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