Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wallet Say, "Ouch!"

This week's comics:

Angel: Masks
Already heard good things about this one (it came out last week), but it's pretty pricey. I was at least expecting a perfect-bound book for that money, like the Spike oneshots, but no such luck.

Supermarket TP
Brian Wood has never quite been able to match Demo yet for me, but this one looks vewwy, vewwy good. And let's face it, how many books out there match Demo?

Star Wars: Tag & Bink Were Here
I read some of the recent two issues of Tag & Bink, but I haven't read the originals yet. From the creator of the Troops fanfilm, and funnier than you can shake a Gungan at. Funnier than a barrel-full of Wookiees.

Soulsearchers & Company #80
I actually stopped ordering this, but my store is accidentally still getting it for me. But since it turns out there's only two issues to go, I kinda like sticking with the book till the bitter end anyway. Not really funny enough to read just for the comedy, and too slapstick to get to care about the characters. Still, every time a Peter David book gets cancelled, an angel loses its wings. Maybe this one will drop by in David's other (better, I think) creator-owned title, Fallen Angel.)

Criminal #2
See? I saved the best for last. Two of my favorite creators on one book, working in such perfect synchronicity as is reserved for those rare, revered writer/artist pairs. I'm gonna go read this issue, now.


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