Friday, November 03, 2006

Welcome to Plot Hole City. Population: 5 Trillion and Growing.

So I've been looking at some of the cartoons I watched back in the eighties, recently--TransFormers being the only franchise I've really kept up with.

After the Inhumanoids-debacle, I've now watched the first few episodes of Voltron. It's really quite an eye-opener. Watching cartoons you liked as a kid means losing your self-respect. (If you have any.) The plot holes are really staggering, and the characters are tremendously stupid. Some for instances: Events shown in ep.1 are referred to in ep.2 as if they occurred decades ago; and the people of this planet have these mighty mechanical lions that can save them from evil alien invasion, and they turn them over to total strangers. While there's no apparent reason they couldn't have used the lions themselves much earlier, to, y'know, save their planet from utter devastation?

The animation isn't so great, either, but I can forgive that more easily.

All in all, it makes me look at more recent animation like Pokemon differently. I may think it's crap, but some things that I loved as a kid were crap, too, so who am I to judge? I guess as kids, you're just better able to accept the Awesome and discard the Lame at will.

Thank god for TransFormers, at least. TransFormers has always been at the peak of all awesomeness, and will always remain there, and I'll have no one tell me any different.


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