Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wallet say, "Ouch!"

Or this week, wallet say, "Meh, I can handle it."

This week's comics:

Local #7
Another week, another Brian Wood book? Local is a bit of a weird book. I've actually disliked issues on first reading, but then they just seem to grow on me, enough to keep me fascinated. Now if only the book had something resembling a schedule.
Supermarket was excellent, by the way. Brian Wood's one of the few creators who can do the 'near future' thing and be weird and utterly believable at the same time. Add his always very human charactes and the beautiful art, and you've got a winner. Only problem I had was that the ending was a bit easy and unsatisfying, same as with the The Tourist GN from a while back.
(Heard Brian's become a father this week over on Congrats!)

Gotham Central: The Quick and the Dead
An all-Rucka volume this time. Ed Brubaker is easily my favorite writer of the two, but they're wonderfully in sync on this book. I really need to reread the whole series, though. So many characters to keep track off.


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