Friday, November 17, 2006

Wallet say, "Ouch!"

Ugh. My dollar/euro conversion price went up this week. Can't really complain much, since I was getting stuff pretty cheap, but still. This'll mean ordering less books down the line.

This week's comics:

TransFormers Spotlight: Hot Rod
I have to admit, ever since I first saw TransFormers: The Movie (where he immediately got turned into Wussimus Prime) on our old TV in the attic many years ago, Hot Rod has been a favorite of mine. So this one, I was looking forward to--and I wasn't disappointed. The Ultimate-style continuity Simon Furman has created for the IDW Transformers books is a great mix of the old and the updated, and the Spotlight issues do a nice job of exploring previously-unseen corners of TF lore. The only thing I was missing is that the characters didn't feel as well-defined as they could be. Hot Rod, though, is definitely his own bot. I believe he'll show up in the upcoming Escalation. Can't wait.

Shadowpact #7
Is Tom Derenick the official regular artist on this book, now? Not his biggest fan. I'm giving this book a full year and then deciding whether to keep it on my pull list, and Derenick could be a deciding factor. It's not that I don't like the book--I do, and it's got Detective Chimp, fer chrissakes--I just don't know if I like it more than anything else I could buy for the money. Plus, the DCU is already slowly dying on my pull list. Aside from Teen Titans, Shadowpact is pretty lonely.

Outlaw Nation TP
Cheap, massive, Essential-style format? Check. (Former) Vertigo ongoing? Check. Y: The Last Man artist? Check. Haven't read this one yet, but it's looking pretty good so far.


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