Saturday, November 25, 2006

This week, wallet no say "Ouch," but do Dance of Joy.

So, this week I actually skipped my trip to the LCS because I'm pretty busy with money-paying work. (Not to worry, though, they're holding everything I was gonna get for me anyway. Sheesh, seriously--as if I'd risk missing anything.)

But in lieu of new comics, some thoughts on older ones. A while back, I got a long run of the original New Mutants. Three things:

1) Those old, eighties X-books were really damn good. The New Mutants are easily overlooked--they had no Dark Phoenix Saga, or Days of Future Past (aside from maybe the Demon Bear saga, but find me a non-X-reader who's heard of that one). But the strength of the X-books has never been in the big, defining stories for me. It's in the long, drawn-out soap opera, following characters that you genuinely care for. And New Mutants has plenty of that.

2) There were so many more normal, everyday things in the characters' lives back then. School dances, sleepovers, school trips to Asgard, rock concerts. A lot more contact with everyday life outside of the Mansion, on the whole. I'd like it if we could see some more of that again, particularly in books like New X-Men.

3) Illyana. Illyana, oh, how I miss thee...


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