Monday, December 11, 2006

Spec Script: X-Men--Anniversary.

Something a little different this week.

Writing, as a comic book writer with very little published work, is all about creating new opportunities. If a project even gets an artist attached, it generally still moves forward at a glacial pace.

Thus, second-issue scripts are a rarity--almost every script I begin is a new project, and requires development of characters and themes, and generally slows things down.

A while ago I started wondering how I would be on a deadline, if I got to work on an established property, and I decided to experiment. I decided to go with the X-Men since I could write those characters in my sleep, and I went to see how fast I could deliver a decent story.

Eleven pages of script, in about 24 hours. I don't know about you, but I was quite satisfied. Rereading the script now--and performing some very minor edits--I'm still quite pleased.

Will you enjoy it as much as I did? Only one way to find out:

Timeline: Ideally right before 'Dangerous' (beginning in Astonishing X-Men vol.3 #7), although anywhere in that general period can work.

Dream Artist: John Cassaday


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