Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wallet say, "Ouch double feature!"

Skipping a weekly trip to the comic shop can be useful: it keeps you from browsing and getting more than you planned the next week, because you've already got plenty.

This and last week's comics:

Ex Machina: March to War TP
Y: The Last Man--Kimono Dragons TP
Enough cannot be said about Brian K. Vaughan, but it still has all been said. I think I'm buying all of his books right now, and loving them.

Emissary #6
Doesn't grab me as much as the opening issue anymore, but the series is halfway done, so I'll probably sit it out. It still looks very pretty, and that helps, too.

Stargate: Atlantis--Wraithfall #2
But that one's for my sister, not for me. Doesn't mean I can't read it first, though.

TransFormers: Escalation #1
Still a very satisfying read both on a nostalgic level and on a qualitative level.

The Dark Horse Book of Monsters
The fourth, after the Books of Hauntings, Witchcraft and the Dead. They're good examples of how anthologies should be done--the individual stories are fun (or, since they are horror, rather creepy) but the full package is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Lots of doubles this week: two licensed books, two BKV trades, two stories drawn by Juan Ferreyra (he did a story in the Book of Monsters as well as Emissary).

Monday's new fiction may be a little late, since I'll be away receiving presents. That's right, rest of the world! Santa comes to the Netherlands three weeks early! It's because he loves us best!

(And also, I'm running low on haiku. But that's my problem.)


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