Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Workblog January 2007.

First off, been away from the blog for a bit longer than planned. Lunar Jim kept me pretty through December, and I needed a bit of a break after that. I just need to teach myself to tell the blog about breaks like that. (You know, for in the future, when I become famous and people actually start reading this stuff.)

I probably won't return to regular Monday posts of new fiction--I don't have an endless supply of old material that's worth showing, and in between ongoing writing projects and my translation work, I don't have the time to do new stuff every week. I like to think my writing favors quality over quantity. I like to think that, because I know I'm not all that fast.

New stuff will still be posted occasionally--there's a spec script I wrote for Epic years ago that I'll share--just not regularly. Maybe in 2007 I should start that serial webcomic I've been thinking about. Any takers for the art chores?

Of course, updates on my other projects will appear here when the projects update themselves.

This month, my translatorial duties are back to subtitles. These are shorter assignments, coming up on short deadlines, so they're harder to plan, but hopefully they'll keep up throughout the month.



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