Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spec Script: Ghost Rider: Vengeance of Wheels.

Back in the day, Marvel restarted the Epic imprint and opened the floodgates for unsolicited script submissions. It seemed a great opportunity, and that's where I got my start sending serious submissions to comic publishers. I got three and a half scripts done before Epic collapsed, never publishing any of those unsolicited submissions.

The first one was a complete reboot of Cloak & Dagger, a concept I've always loved which has never gotten the execution I think it deserves. Epic held on to this script right until the bitter end, so I hold on to the belief that if Epic had survived, it stood a fair chance of being accepted. This script has since been cannibalized for an original horror story, so you'll never get to see it.

The second was a spy/action book centered on agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This one was rejected rather quickly, and upon rereading, deservedly so. So I'm not dragging that one out, either.

The fourth script, in progress as Epic closed its doors, was called The Winding Way.

The third script was Ghost Rider. It's clearly early work, but I still like it--the image of the Ghost Rider is just so distinctive that I feel taking it out and rewriting the script as an original concept would lose too much of what makes it interesting. Epic again kept this script until the bitter end, but it was sent in too late to know if that meant anything.

Follow the trail of vengeance here:

Timeline: This was written before the Ennis/Crain miniseries that brough Ghostie back after a long silence, so there is very little timeline to fit the story in.

Dream Artist: Never given it too much thought for this one, but isn't Mark Texeira the ultimate Ghost Rider artist?


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